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Unparalleled expertise in medical and dental admissions

MyUCAT was initially founded by Ojas Rajkumar to share his secrets after exceptional success in the admissions game:

  • Medical student at University of Oxford
  • the UK's HIGHEST-SCORING UCAT tutor (as of Jan 24) with one of the highest scores in UCAT history (3470, SJT 1)
  • Offers from 4/4 medical schools: Oxford, Imperial, KCL, Birmingham
  • Personally assisted 1300+ students from across the world with applying to UK institutions

Over the years, MyUCAT has grown from his personal project to a hand-picked, nationwide network of experienced tutors, including doctors and medical/dental students. Ojas continues to preside at the head of the team and we remain true to our founding principles: offering unbeatable value and delivering unbeatable results. We design specific, evidence-based strategies to ensure that all students are able to secure a coveted place.

We cover all aspects of medical & dental school admissions:

  • MMI Mock Interview Circuits
  • 1-1 University Specific: Oxbridge, Panel, MMI interview preparation sessions
  • 1-1 UCAT Tuition exclusively with 3300+ scorers (unlike any other UK company)
  • Exam-oriented A Level tuition

We don't want for money to ever be a barrier to education and seek to be as accessible as possible. This includes through a variety of FREE seminars & resources, in addition to affordable teaching sessions in small-group settings.

We additionally run this WhatsApp group for free advice: www.tinyurl.com/ucatgroup

Visit the MyUCAT blog!

NEW! Our medical admissions blog 'Guess and Flag' has free UCAT guides and contains answers to all sorts of FAQs from the group chat.

Disclaimer: though many of our tutors are students at top UK institutions including University of Oxford, Cambridge & Imperial College London, we are *not* directly affiliated with *any* university.