Medify vs Medentry


1. Both are good and I would not recommend paying for any other question banks. In particular, any new start-up companies I would discourage because of how few questions are available. 
For free resources, look at the UCAT website & Passmedicine.

It's a matter of personal preference but I'll outline the facts here and you can make your own decision. Important to remember though that both are relatively similar and so picking either would be helpful. I think that an absolute best case scenario would be starting with Medify and perhaps paying for one or two weeks of Medentry (which is harder) towards the very end of preparation. 

If you're getting just one, I would probably say it should be Medify:
- Greater number of questions and mocks
- More accurately replicates the difficulty level of the UCAT overall (while MedEntry is a little harder, which is why I say if it's being used, ideally towards the end of preparation)

Medentry is however:
- better for VR (passages are appropriate length, Medify a bit too long yet not as much inference needed as the real thing), SJT (more reflective of the real mark scheme - though UCAT official resources are even better for this) and logic puzzles (correct difficulty level, Medify probably a little easier).

Medify- UCAT level difficulty, more mocks, good AR, QR, DM (except logic puzzles)
Medentry- harder than UCAT, good VR, SJT, logic puzzles

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