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1-1 UCAT Lesson by UK's HIGHEST Scoring Tutor

1-1 UCAT Lesson by UK's HIGHEST Scoring Tutor

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Are your UCAT scores showing signs of stagnation? If you find yourself struggling to make significant improvements, Ojas, the UK's highest scoring UCAT tutor, is here to provide the guidance you need. With a proven track record of achieving exceptional results, I offer time-saving advice and strategies that enabled me to secure the #2 UCAT score in the UK. The focus is entirely on you – the lessons are tailored to address your specific needs and goals. We'll dissect UCAT mocks together to optimize strategies and pinpoint areas for improvement. Whether it's mastering the best approaches for each section or honing your test-taking techniques, I'm here to guide you every step of the way. The results speak for themselves – this cycle, students in both the UK and Australia under my expert guidance have successfully achieved 3000+ scores, showcasing the effectiveness of the personalized strategies and insights I provide.

Let's work together to make your UCAT goals a reality.

Please do not pay here prior to getting in touch with me to discuss availability and a personalised plan! You may contact me on WhatsApp:

I understand that £70/hour may not be affordable for all families. I try my best to make sure that I offer other accessible alternatives. These include group lessons at just £15 each, as well as tutoring from other 3300+ scorers in the 99th percentile from just £35/hr.

My Qualifications:
- 3470 & 99.99th percentile
VR: 870, QR: 900, DM: 870, AR: 830, SJT: 1.0

- Medical student at Oxford University (The Queen's College)
- 4/4 UK Medical School Offers: Oxford University, Imperial College London, Birmingham University, King's College London

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